January 2019 Biomedical Project Report Presentations at LiU

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In the experimental and medical biosciences master’s program at LiU, students are required to conduct a project in each study year of the program. In the first year, students can carry out either a 15-credit project (half semester) or a 30-credit (full semester) project. This provides students with relevant skills and experience to conduct an outstanding degree project in the second year. Thursday, January 10, 2019 was an opportunity for students who carried out projects in the autumn semester to present their findings. The program which kicked off by 9:15 am had in attendance master’s students; some of who stood as opponents of the presenting authors. Expert reviewers were present as well to give their remarks. Each presentation was moderated by the mentor/ examiner of the presenting student.

A seminar at the university hospital campus.
Photo Credit: Ibikari Allwell-Brown

Carolina Ervik opened the floor with a presentation of her project report titled “The influence of Alzheimer’s associated peptides on synchronized network function in hiPSC-derived cortical neurons”. Annabel Burkard followed with “The correlation of metabolic markers and growth in newborns participating in a probiotic prevention trial”.

After the second presentation, everyone took a break and reconvened by 13:15 for the afternoon session. Thomas Tan presented “Influence of culture medium and IGF-1 on MAPK pathways in chicken cardiomyocytes” and Johanna Radegard presented “Analysis of DNA Methylation differences in the pineal gland of chickens subjected to random illumination patterns”. After each presentation, the pair of opponents had the opportunity to analyze the project report. The expert reviewer then gave his/her assessment of the project report. The reviewer also assessed the author’s grasp of the topic. Other members of the audience were eventually given the opportunity to make comments about the presentation.

The program ended at 15:05. Everyone left satisfied. The presenting students with relief of having presented and defended their project reports. The supervisors with satisfaction of grooming the next generation of ground-breaking researchers. And the rest of us in appreciation of the opportunity to learn about a few more of the many interesting ongoing biomedical research projects at LiU.

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