The 2019 Consensus Labor Market Fair

Healthcare company Reps and students at the fair.
Photo Credit: Vittorio Monticelli

The 8th annual Consensus job fair, known as CARMA, held on Thursday, February 7 at the University hospital campus. The event is organized every February for students at the LiU Faculty of Medicine. The fair is usually an opportunity for students from Linköping and Norrköping to interact with representatives from companies, regions and municipalities. At the exhibitions, students have the opportunity to learn about future career options and for some students it is a time to land summer jobs.

 This year’s labor market fair was attended majorly by healthcare companies and regions looking to recruit doctors and nurses. Several healthcare facilities in Linkoping were represented at the fair. Their representatives were on ground to explain available opportunities at the companies as well as requirements for employment. They handed out pamphlets and souvenirs to interested students.

An exhibition stand at the fair.
Photo Credit: Vittorio Monticelli

Trade unions representatives were also present at the fair to enlighten soon to be  members. Students learned about the benefits of belonging to a trade union. Interested students were gifted with goody bags and free food vouchers.









A week in the life of a LiU student: Week 4

Hello everyone! Its a new month and I’m going to be giving piecemeal doses of the beautiful experiences as well as challenges of life as a student at LiU.

I began a new course Monday, January 21st. The time was 10:15 am. The venue was Linden at the university hospital campus. We were about 7 students in the room. Lasse Jensen, the course coordinator for cardiovascular science was connecting his laptop to the screen. He took a roll call and then gave us a rundown of what to expect during the course.

The course introduction was greeted with mixed feelings. The syllabus held promise for a very interesting albeit demanding course. We had a mentor’s meeting afterwards. It was like a reunion. You see, the last time the whole class was together in a room was sometime in November last year. We were either taking different optional courses or carrying out projects, so our schedules were extremely varied. After the meeting, most of us stayed back to catch up on what we’d been up to since we last saw each other. Especially the Christmas holidays. A couple of minutes later, I was riding the free campus bus back home.


Home made coffee from Costa Rica

The rest of the week began just like Monday. I stepped out that morning and was greeted with snow covered routes. Some bike paths had been cleared but I was in no mood to take any chances. Like most of my friends, I had fallen off my bike twice in December on such days when everywhere was covered in snow. I was not willing to increase the fall count.

So, I decided to take the bus. The first lecture on Tuesday left us hoping that all other course lectures would be delivered in a similar manner. It was quite easy to understand, and everyone seemed to listen all through with rapt attention. I definitely can not forget  Wednesday’s fika. I had the opportunity to taste home made enchilada, coffee  as well as  agua dulce (sugar cane drink) from Costa Rica. The venue was the fika room of the cell biology laboratory on floor 13. On Friday, we had the first cardiovascular biology laboratory session in the zebrafish laboratory. After an overview of the task at hand, we began to section and stain zebra fish specimen. Afterwards, we took micrographs of our specimen.

Zebra fish micrograph

The weekend had finally arrived. But then I had reports to hand in and course literature to study. By Saturday evening, it was time to take a well-deserved rest from work and in the company of a few friends, I did just that. The venue was Kårhuset Kollektivet. By 3:30 am on Sunday morning, the city center was still a beehive of activities. After church service later that day, I was ready for the experiences of a new week.