Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) at campus US

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Tuesday March 5 was a day to celebrate the 2019 fat tuesday.

Fat Tuesday Buns
Photo Credit: Siyuwei Cao

As the last day before Ash Wedenesday which marks the beginning of the Lenten fast, it is traditional in Sweden to eat buns, called “fettisdagsbullar” (Fat Tuesday Buns) or “semla”. The biomedical faculty organized a fika in Bjorken at the US campus.

Masters students enjoying some homemade semlor for fika at the campus US. Photo Credit: Siyuwei Cao

Students and lecturers  combined efforts to make “semlor”, which was served with an almond paste and whipped cream. Off course there was lots of coffee and tea as expected when having fika. It was a time to relax and socialize over delicious semlor.




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