The 2019 Health University Research Symposium (HURS)

The health university research symposium is an annual event organized by DOMFIL, an organization of postgraduate students of the Medical Faculty at Linköping University. This year’s event held on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Valeriana at the Linköping university hospital campus.

It is usually a time for postgraduate students to present findings from their medical research projects. Several ground-breaking research reports are usually presented. The research papers voted as most astounding by members are presented with the best scientific paper awards.
The program which is open to all lovers of science creates an avenue for interaction with members of industry as well as students and researchers from other universities.

There were lots of exhibitions at the program

Biotech companies also use the opportunity to showcase as well as market results of their own research. They are usually on ground to explain their latest technology and often give out complimentary samples to researchers. This year, several biotech companies made exhibitions in Digitalis and Papaver at the Linköping university hospital campus.

The program eventually climaxed with a glamorous banquet in the evening at Stangs Magasin, a restaurant close to the Linköping city center with socializing and networking that continued into the night.