The 2019 Linköping University Life Science Meeting

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Students thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speakers

The 2019 edition of the Linköping University organized life science meeting held on November 3,2019. The venue was Hasselquistsalen at the university hospital campus. Following the huge success of the inaugural meeting that occurred the previous year, students, faculty and invited guests filled the hall as early as 7:30 am in anticipation of a great occasion.



Katarina kagedal, the masters programme director, opened the event at 8am with her welcome address. She spoke of the importance of the life science meeting, an avenue for keeping up to date with advances in the field. She observed that many students have just a diffuse idea about opportunities after graduation. Hence, people from several parts of the life science field were invited. She encouraged students to use the opportunity of the meeting to inquire about possible projects and positions available.




Drug discovery and new challenges within oncology were explained

Lars-Gunnar Larsson spoke about precision medicine and future challenging drug targets. He began with the war against cancer act by Richard Nixon which may have started the drive to eradicate cancer in 1954. He observed that targeted therapy has continued to show increasing cancer survival but has a risk of toxicity and no response in some patients. However, the development of precision medicine has improved the outcome of targeted personalized medicine. Challenges include redundancies and escape pathways used by cancer cells which lead to drug resistance. But that begs the question, is the future of personalized therapy targeting the main hubs to which all cancers are dependent? The answer, only time will tell.







The panel discussed a lot of issues based on their personal experiences.

During the panel discussions, working in academia or in the industry were compared. The importance of a PHD in career advancement and other requirements for finding a job in industry were also discussed by the panel.
Just like the previous year, the meeting ended with a delicious pizza buffet where students had the opportunity to network with faculty and invited guests in the life science field.

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