Spring semester 2020 and discovery of the “calm room”

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Hello everyone!
It’s the beginning of the spring semester. My final semester as a master’s student at LiU. How time flies. Faculty and students resumed for the new semester at the university hospital campus on Monday and it has been a beehive of activities. From welcome fairs to mentor meetings and roll calls. From Introductory lectures to master’s thesis project plans, it’s been a very eventful week.


While taking a walk around the campus US during the lunch break my friend and I stumbled upon a room. It’s a small room where you can sit and reflect if you’re feeling stressed. The ambience of the room was very calming. Just what we needed on a hectic day. It turns out we were not the only ones who appreciated the value of the room. We were soon joined by another calm seeking student.

It was nice to stay a little while and watch a nice lady play the piano.

I think it’s genius and very thoughtful of LiU to address mental or emotional issues that might disturb students from learning.

I also recorded a little clip of my experience in the “calm room”.

Calming piano notes