The 2019 international day celebrations at LiU

The 14th International Day (iDay) was celebrated on 2nd May 2019. IDay is the biggest event of the LiU International Student Association (ISA). According to ISA, the purpose of iDay is to promote cultural integration.

LiU is an internationally diverse university with lots of students from different countries all around the world. Hence, it was an opportunity for students, teachers and visitors to exchange culture with others and make friends in a fun atmosphere.

Members of the team from Sweden

The team from India

The team from the people’s republic of China














The program started at 10:00 with exhibitions in Colosseum in C-building at the Valla campus. Each team representing a country was provided with a stall. Individuals were adorned in traditional dresses and on hand to introduce their countries to other people. There was a lot of traditional food, music and various other exhibits.

Later in the afternoon, there were performances from the different teams at Matsalen in Kårallen at the Valla campus. The team that was voted to have given the best performance was awarded a cash gift.


The team from Iraq

The team from Australia

The team from Colombia

The republic of China team


Valborg 2019 in Linköping!

Winter is over. The trees are green again and we are all preparing for summer. For students, it’s just a few weeks before the spring term ends. With the beautiful weather, spring is a time for so many beautiful events.  One of such events is Valborg. Celebrated on the last day of April, it is a festival where massive bonfires are lit in honour of an 8th-century German abbess, St. Walpurga, or Valborg in Swedish.

Perfect weather for hanging out with friends
Photo Credit: Simon Tornqvist














Unfortunately, as a result of a very high fire risk, this year the County Administrative Board  declared a fire ban. However, students were unperturbed by the sad news as they thronged Trädgådstorget in their numbers to celebrate the day with a lot of singing and dancing. Of course on such occasions where many students gather and there is music, there is also as much beer as you imagine.

There was music, dancing and so much fun at trädgådstorget. Photo credit: Isabella Henriksson



The 2019 Health University Research Symposium (HURS)

The health university research symposium is an annual event organized by DOMFIL, an organization of postgraduate students of the Medical Faculty at Linköping University. This year’s event held on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Valeriana at the Linköping university hospital campus.

It is usually a time for postgraduate students to present findings from their medical research projects. Several ground-breaking research reports are usually presented. The research papers voted as most astounding by members are presented with the best scientific paper awards.
The program which is open to all lovers of science creates an avenue for interaction with members of industry as well as students and researchers from other universities.

There were lots of exhibitions at the program

Biotech companies also use the opportunity to showcase as well as market results of their own research. They are usually on ground to explain their latest technology and often give out complimentary samples to researchers. This year, several biotech companies made exhibitions in Digitalis and Papaver at the Linköping university hospital campus.

The program eventually climaxed with a glamorous banquet in the evening at Stangs Magasin, a restaurant close to the Linköping city center with socializing and networking that continued into the night.

Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) at campus US

Tuesday March 5 was a day to celebrate the 2019 fat tuesday.

Fat Tuesday Buns
Photo Credit: Siyuwei Cao

As the last day before Ash Wedenesday which marks the beginning of the Lenten fast, it is traditional in Sweden to eat buns, called “fettisdagsbullar” (Fat Tuesday Buns) or “semla”. The biomedical faculty organized a fika in Bjorken at the US campus.

Masters students enjoying some homemade semlor for fika at the campus US. Photo Credit: Siyuwei Cao

Students and lecturers  combined efforts to make “semlor”, which was served with an almond paste and whipped cream. Off course there was lots of coffee and tea as expected when having fika. It was a time to relax and socialize over delicious semlor.




The 2019 Consensus Labor Market Fair

Healthcare company Reps and students at the fair.
Photo Credit: Vittorio Monticelli

The 8th annual Consensus job fair, known as CARMA, held on Thursday, February 7 at the University hospital campus. The event is organized every February for students at the LiU Faculty of Medicine. The fair is usually an opportunity for students from Linköping and Norrköping to interact with representatives from companies, regions and municipalities. At the exhibitions, students have the opportunity to learn about future career options and for some students it is a time to land summer jobs.

 This year’s labor market fair was attended majorly by healthcare companies and regions looking to recruit doctors and nurses. Several healthcare facilities in Linkoping were represented at the fair. Their representatives were on ground to explain available opportunities at the companies as well as requirements for employment. They handed out pamphlets and souvenirs to interested students.

An exhibition stand at the fair.
Photo Credit: Vittorio Monticelli

Trade unions representatives were also present at the fair to enlighten soon to be  members. Students learned about the benefits of belonging to a trade union. Interested students were gifted with goody bags and free food vouchers.