Swedish winter activities

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Hitting the slopes.
Photo credit: Nina Bakker

Cold and long nights are the first things imagined when the word Swedish winter is mentioned. But winter is also a time for several fun activities.


#1 Ski in one of several resorts
Skiing is a popular winter sport and we love to ski in Linkoping. There are a couple of nice spots to catch the thrill in and around Linkoping city. But if you want to have the full experience, you could hit the slopes in the provinces of Dalarna, Jämtland, Härjedalen and Swedish Lapland where there are hundreds of resorts with nice ski facilities.







A reindeer farm. Photo Credit: Aida Selimovic

The northern lights. Photo Credit: Aida Selimovic

#2 Enjoy the eskimo experience in igloos or ice hotels
Winter is the best time to visit the north of Sweden. Home to the world’s first hotel made of ice and snow in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi, about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The ice hotel is re made in a new guise every winter. Besides the ice hotel, you could visit a reindeer farm and enjoy a dog sled ride. Northern Sweden is also the best place to see the aurora. These northern lights of green, red and purple often dance in the sky on clear winter nights.

#3 Party indoors
If you would prefer to stay indoors to avoid the cold weather, then you could attend one of several parties organized by students or student associations. The popular Kårhuset Kollektivet and Kårhuset Kårallen are places to pin on your Linkoping map. They are the venues for weekly parties.

 So if you decide to study at LiU, you are assured of several fun winter activities.


Spring semester 2020 and discovery of the “calm room”

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Hello everyone!
It’s the beginning of the spring semester. My final semester as a master’s student at LiU. How time flies. Faculty and students resumed for the new semester at the university hospital campus on Monday and it has been a beehive of activities. From welcome fairs to mentor meetings and roll calls. From Introductory lectures to master’s thesis project plans, it’s been a very eventful week.


While taking a walk around the campus US during the lunch break my friend and I stumbled upon a room. It’s a small room where you can sit and reflect if you’re feeling stressed. The ambience of the room was very calming. Just what we needed on a hectic day. It turns out we were not the only ones who appreciated the value of the room. We were soon joined by another calm seeking student.

It was nice to stay a little while and watch a nice lady play the piano.

I think it’s genius and very thoughtful of LiU to address mental or emotional issues that might disturb students from learning.

I also recorded a little clip of my experience in the “calm room”.

Calming piano notes



Valborg 2019 in Linköping!

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Winter is over. The trees are green again and we are all preparing for summer. For students, it’s just a few weeks before the spring term ends. With the beautiful weather, spring is a time for so many beautiful events.  One of such events is Valborg. Celebrated on the last day of April, it is a festival where massive bonfires are lit in honour of an 8th-century German abbess, St. Walpurga, or Valborg in Swedish.

Perfect weather for hanging out with friends
Photo Credit: Simon Tornqvist














Unfortunately, as a result of a very high fire risk, this year the County Administrative Board  declared a fire ban. However, students were unperturbed by the sad news as they thronged Trädgådstorget in their numbers to celebrate the day with a lot of singing and dancing. Of course on such occasions where many students gather and there is music, there is also as much beer as you imagine.

There was music, dancing and so much fun at trädgådstorget. Photo credit: Isabella Henriksson




The 2019 Health University Research Symposium (HURS)

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The health university research symposium is an annual event organized by DOMFIL, an organization of postgraduate students of the Medical Faculty at Linköping University. This year’s event held on Friday, March 29, 2019 in Valeriana at the Linköping university hospital campus.

It is usually a time for postgraduate students to present findings from their medical research projects. Several ground-breaking research reports are usually presented. The research papers voted as most astounding by members are presented with the best scientific paper awards.
The program which is open to all lovers of science creates an avenue for interaction with members of industry as well as students and researchers from other universities.

There were lots of exhibitions at the program

Biotech companies also use the opportunity to showcase as well as market results of their own research. They are usually on ground to explain their latest technology and often give out complimentary samples to researchers. This year, several biotech companies made exhibitions in Digitalis and Papaver at the Linköping university hospital campus.

The program eventually climaxed with a glamorous banquet in the evening at Stangs Magasin, a restaurant close to the Linköping city center with socializing and networking that continued into the night.


January 2019 Biomedical Project Report Presentations at LiU

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In the experimental and medical biosciences master’s program at LiU, students are required to conduct a project in each study year of the program. In the first year, students can carry out either a 15-credit project (half semester) or a 30-credit (full semester) project. This provides students with relevant skills and experience to conduct an outstanding degree project in the second year. Thursday, January 10, 2019 was an opportunity for students who carried out projects in the autumn semester to present their findings. The program which kicked off by 9:15 am had in attendance master’s students; some of who stood as opponents of the presenting authors. Expert reviewers were present as well to give their remarks. Each presentation was moderated by the mentor/ examiner of the presenting student.

A seminar at the university hospital campus.
Photo Credit: Ibikari Allwell-Brown

Carolina Ervik opened the floor with a presentation of her project report titled “The influence of Alzheimer’s associated peptides on synchronized network function in hiPSC-derived cortical neurons”. Annabel Burkard followed with “The correlation of metabolic markers and growth in newborns participating in a probiotic prevention trial”.

After the second presentation, everyone took a break and reconvened by 13:15 for the afternoon session. Thomas Tan presented “Influence of culture medium and IGF-1 on MAPK pathways in chicken cardiomyocytes” and Johanna Radegard presented “Analysis of DNA Methylation differences in the pineal gland of chickens subjected to random illumination patterns”. After each presentation, the pair of opponents had the opportunity to analyze the project report. The expert reviewer then gave his/her assessment of the project report. The reviewer also assessed the author’s grasp of the topic. Other members of the audience were eventually given the opportunity to make comments about the presentation.

The program ended at 15:05. Everyone left satisfied. The presenting students with relief of having presented and defended their project reports. The supervisors with satisfaction of grooming the next generation of ground-breaking researchers. And the rest of us in appreciation of the opportunity to learn about a few more of the many interesting ongoing biomedical research projects at LiU.