New in Sweden? Seminar about Family law

Seminar about Family law

29 September 15:00-17:00

This web based seminar will introduce the basics of Swedish International law and there will be examples on the application of law in international circumstances. Be aware of unexpected rules regarding your private life as well as of your work, studies or other aspects of your stay in a new country. All kinds of questions might affect you regarding matters of marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance as well as matters of labour law, residence, citizenship and permits.

The webinar is organized by the University of Uppsala.

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A series of webinars has been put together by the Swedish EURAXESS network. Thanks to cooperation within the network, a EURAXESS Centre will share a virtual activity aimed for spouses. In most cases researchers are welcome to join as well. The webinars are open for participants from universities within the Swedish EURAXESS network.

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