Seminarier KOMPASS hösten 2021 / COMPASS seminars fall 2021

In the Fall of 2021 we invite you to 4 seminars co-arranged with COMPASS and exisiting research environments.

Warm welcome to the first in a series of four co-arranged seminars, on Thursday, 23 September, 13-15 in Zoom:  (we start with “academic quarter” at 13:15). This seminar is co-arranged with Tema Q and PASSIM.

At this seminar, postdocs at COMPASS and PASSIM present their projects:

Polina Ignatova, “Medieval Knowledge Exchange: Strategies for Acquiring, Recording, and Disseminating Information about Fish between 100 and 1400”

Modern ways of industrial fishing and fish farming subject fish to treatment which would be considered cruel and/or illegal if applied to terrestrial animals. My project is investigating the origins of our modern attitudes towards fish by looking into medieval ways of studying aquatic organisms. During this talk I am going to summarise the purposes and methodology of the project, and to introduce the audience to its first findings – namely, the representation of fish in bestiaries.

Marc Stuhldreier, “Analysis of patentability requirements and the efficacy of research incentives provided by Patents”

The presentation of my planned my Postdoc research at TemaQ in the PASSIM project focusses on the efficacy of the research incentives provided by patent rights. The research project is divided into two sub-categories and research questions which shall result in one article publication each. The first research question addresses the efficacy of patents for incentivising research into highly required innovations, such as new medicines, where the products do not necessarily offer high profit margins (e.g. orphan drugs or neglected diseases). The second part of the planned research focusses on leaks scientific information and research data, and its impacts on the novelty requirement for patenting innovation. This part of the analysis shall identify whether and when the theft and unlawful disclosure of scientific information can jeopardise the patentability of new innovations.

Hybrid seminars

We are going to have hybrid seminars until further notice, so, if you are in Norrköping, you are very welcome to join in person in Tvärsnittet room on the 3rd floor of Kopparhammaren 7.

/for the COMPASS research hub
Per-Anders Forstorp


COMPASS is a research hub devoted to the study of knowledge in motion. It is named after an artifact that transports and packages knowledge, and as a patented invention also embodies the control of knowledge, the order and segmentation of space in legal as well as material form. A compass is both a metaphor for movement and the concrete object directing that movement.

With COMPASS we want to establish a home for interdisciplinary studies of the multiple ways by which the creation and circulation of knowledge is enabled and disabled. COMPASS is based on the premise that the conditions of this circulation can be approached as a dynamic between forms and norms of knowledge.

In analogy with the compass metaphor and the idea about knowledge in motion, COMPASS arranges seminars together with existing higher seminars within IKOS. The ambition is to include most research environments and also courses on advanced level in such seminars during the coming year.

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