LiU Career Support Program

During the past semester, I had the opportunity to be part of the first career support program for international students. I know that more than one student would like to start their career in Sweden, therefore, sharing my learning experience and some tips that found very useful could help to understand the Swedish labour market.
Here is a list of the topics seen in the program. If you want to see all the information, please find it here.

Session 1: Introduction

The first day is very exciting! There is a brief introduction of the staff that is going to guide you through the program and an introduction to Linköpings Science Park. Most of the companies related to innovation and technology are related to the matchmaking process that is carried out by the Science Park, therefore it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself in the local labour market.

Session 2: CV

Knowing how to design the layout of your CV and how to write the content properly is essential. Remember than you should try to keep it on one page and highlight the skills and details that are more relevant for the job position that you wish to apply. All the info related the guidelines to create a competitive CV can be found here.

Session 3: Cover letter

The CV and the cover letter have the same relevance in Sweden. Describing who you are and what you are looking forward in the future is a great opportunity to argue why you are fit for the job. Find all the tips and details about how to write it here. 

Session 4: Personal marketing

Looking for a job is basically performing personal marketing. Considering who you are as a person and how people perceive your strengths and weaknesses may be a great way to understand yourself from other perspectives. What do you bring as a person to the company? Why should they hire you? work in your own story and know yourselves, this is the best way that you can differentiate from other applications. Check all the tips here.

Session 5: Interview skills

Practice makes perfect! Learn how to introduce yourself and communicate properly to answer key questions in the interview. Know to take your time to listen and understand the company and needs for the position. Make sure to ask questions and fully understand what is the company and job about. Find more tips here.

Session 6. Final session – evaluation of whether you reached your goals

Understand what you truly want in a job. What is your career goals or how is your dream job look like? After developing all the skills and steps to find a job, make sure that you are in the right direction about what you want for your professional in the future.


This is pretty much it for now, so I hope you have found it helpful!

Wishing you all the best,



Yoga Sequence to Welcome New Year!


Happy New Year! 2021! I send my best wishes to everyone out there. I really understand that 2020 was a challenging year for almost all of us. It brought a lot of lessons learned personally for me. I am very grateful for all opportunities that I had to learn at Linköping University.

So, after spending my Christmas holiday in Spain, I flew back to Linköping the day before New Year Eve. There are several plans that were not working so I decided to spend my New Year Eve just by myself. I am trying my best to limit my contact with people surrounding me because I just came back from travel. So, how is that feel to countdown by myself?

It was amazing! I am somehow found peace within myself. I spent my whole afternoon contacting all my families in Indonesia to send my greetings and then had a yoga session with my sister. It was a very gentle yoga exercise that helps me to feel relax and connected to the world at the same time. After is a perfect time to make a journal bringing all the memories from the beginning of the year until the end. Evaluate my action and bring positive words with me for the next year.

By the way, how’s the weather at the beginning of January? It is winter in Sweden and the weather attacks me a little bit hard. Born and raised in Indonesia # a tropical country this is definitely a challenge for my body and well-being.  For several weeks there was no sun and bring a gloomy ambiance.

However, it does not mean that we end up curled up in the body a whole day! Bring the spirit of a new year with you. I love doing yoga since high school and took yoga training for kids when I was in Bali. I am not yet a professional yoga teacher, so pleased conscious of every movement.  I will give yoga poses that can help you to energize and relieve tension.  Of course, you should try to listen to your body to understand that some of the poses might be hard for you. There is no competition, follow the breath and find the way that comfortable for you.

Duration: 15-30 minutes (depends on how long you hold one pose)

Begin with meditation and breathing exercise you can easily find a detailed description on Youtube or several yoga websites

Stretching to prepare your body and continued with cow-cat pose to give massage for your back. You can do it several times to help your body ready for a new day. 

Sun salutation for several times to warm up your body and practice your core 


Then you can try these poses to practice bridge, your strength, and balance   



Cooling down with a little twist, fold, bridge, and finally savasana or resting pose. You can modify the pose and research more about the poses that comfortable for your body.


At Linköping University we have Campushallen if you interested to join several workout classes include yoga, or there are several yoga studios around the city. However, if you are not a fan of indoor exercise, Linköping has a lot of forests to visit with a jogging track.

On-Campus Exams during a Pandemic

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got to celebrate the beginning of 2021 for a little because slowly but steady it is time to go back to studying – it’s exam time in January.

Linköping University has restrictions in place until the 28th of March 2021 to reduce the spread of covid-19. You can keep yourself updated about LiU’s measures here: (also for incoming students).

Most of the examinations will be conducted as digital exams. However, there are some exceptions for exams that cannot be held as distance exams due to several reasons. Those on-campus exams must follow very strict restrictions such as the disinfection of surfaces (tables, door handles, computers, etc.) and the contact-free login to your exam. The invigilators will help you keep your distance and hand disinfectant is freely available.

Have a look at this short video provided by the Univerisity to see what LiU does to keep us students safe:

To all students – good luck with your exams and stay safe!


Julia – Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine

Happy New Year!


I hope you all have an amazing year of 2021!


Personally, I have a lot to look forward to:

I will be deciding on my thesis topic soon. Early in December we received a booklet from the university with different master thesis options and we have until the end of February to talk to the different professors and researchers that we would like to work with. Our classes are expected to finish early May, and so we can start our thesis work early if we would like to.

We will be having some very interesting and practical courses in the second semester and I cannot wait to see what they have planned! For example, we will have a full course dedicated to zoo biology and, guess what, we will be going to Kolmarden Zoo weekly!! (I will make sure to show you many pictures during these weeks in future blog posts).

I have not lost hope in seeing some good snowfall. We have had the occasional snowfall here in Linköping, but the snow never stays for long and I am hoping that in January or February I will get to see some white landscapes!

The Covid-19 pandemic will hopefully be less severe. With the recent development of vaccines, even though returning to normal is still a long way off, there may be a chance for a more relaxed year.

I will be able to learn more Swedish. I enrolled in the free Swedish course offered by the University and am really looking forward to the day that I understand my Swedish corridor mates or Swedish television programs.

This past year has certainly been a different one but for me it was still a year of many accomplishments. I completed my driver’s license and moved to Sweden to study a Master’s in the field that I wanted. I cannot wait to see what the next year will hold!

Surviving the winter!

Hello, welcome to my blog. My name is likith Madhu and I will be speaking about my experience of winter survival and adaptation at Linkoping.

I am from India, especially from the south part of India. The weather in my city is almost constant and the temperature of my city is around 20°C to 35°C in extreme cases. When I first understood that I will be doing my masters, the first thing that struck my mind is the cold weather. I was pretty sure it was going to be cold because it’s SWEDEN!!! I did my research before the application and I was aware of the harsh weather in Sweden ( harsh at least for me ), but I realized it’s time to get out of my comfort zone and explore new things. So, I braced myself and made up my mind to accept the master’s offer. When I left, it was a rainy season, so it was a bit cold when I left India. When I arrived here in Sweden, it was a good summer period, and the weather was comforting. I made sure that I buy some warm clothes from India so that I will be prepared for the winter in Sweden. But I was a bit surprised to witness the summer at Linkoping because I felt like I was in my hometown. I arrived around mid-August and the temperature was around 20 C. this temperature was reasonable for me. Another new experience was the sun. the sun was always up. The sunrise was at 5.30 in the morning and go down at 9.30 at the night. It felt like I was on a different planet. I met a lot of people during my summer at Linkoping, the Indians I met suggested me to get ready for the winter because it will be the complete opposite experience. But they also said it will be a smooth transition and it was a piece of comforting information for me. The things started to get real as it was almost the end of summer.

As the days passed, the temperature started to go down. I still remember, it was mid-September, and I was already wearing a jacket. But I realized the people around me were not wearing any thick jackets. At this point, I was sure that the only way to be like others, is to get used to the changing weather. So, I started to go out without jackets and thermal wear. It was not a good feeling at the start, but I eventually got used to it. But the temperature was contently changing, and I would eventually wear thick jackets. At this point, I realized it was not the weather that affects you, it is your clothing. You need to wear something appropriate for the day. Another thing that matters the most is the weather predictions. It’s almost on point and it gives us the perfect weather forecast. It is probably the most used app on my phone. It is very important to check the weather before leaving the house. After a month I was so used to it, I would check the weather every day as soon as I get up. The app accurately tells me what to wear for the day and plan my day. Sometimes it would be a bad idea to wear something without checking the weather forecast. It’s important to check the forecast before scheduling any event or meetings which involve cycling outside.

My first snow experience was on the 9th of November 2019. I was seeing the snow for the first time and it was a wonderful experience. I was with my friends, outside, throwing snow at each other. It was a fun night!!! The next day when I woke up, everything was completely white. My window was filled with bright light because of the reflections of the snow. I was excited to open the blinds and look outside. It was a Satisfying view with a beautiful tree next to my window which was filled with snow. It was like a movie scene from Disney world. It was not cold outside since it was not windy. The wind can influence the temperature a lot. Sometimes it the weather forecast shows it 5°C but it would feel like -1. The wind is the main culprit and I hate it. The best way to get around this is to wear a windcheater jacket.  I could see people working with a big vehicle to clear the roads. They not only clear the main roads but also the cycle path and because of them, we can cycle around the city. Me and my friends were throwing snow at each other the whole day. It was a bit sunny and brisk and white view.

The worst part was hearing the snowfall was a bit late that year and it was comparatively less. The locals told me that this was due to global warming. While these swedes were worried about the snow, I was happy for the little snow that showered upon us to make us happy. The worst part of the snow is that it forms Icey layers on the road after a day. This will make us fall while cycling around the corners. I had 4 bad accidents with the icy layers. The snow disappeared after 3 days. The 2nd day was a bit wet as the ice was melting away. It felt like Linkoping was getting back to normal. After the 1st snow, it was very cold, probably almost -4°C to 0°C till February. I do not accurately remember when, but it snowed again two times in January and mid-December. I was wearing the thermal layer throughout the tuff winter period and it helped me a lot. It is kind of irresponsibility if you do not wear winter shoes and gloves when it starts to snow.