Julmarknad: Christmas market in Linköping

I guess we never forget first times right? Well, yesterday was my first time in a Christmas market, and now I can just think about going again! Maybe for European people, going to a Christmas market in December is nothing out of the ordinary, but in Brazil we don’t have that. Might be the temperature ranging from hot to very hot, who knows, but it just isn’t a thing in my country. But here it is! A very cool, tasty and fun thing.

The Christmas market in Linköping started  yesterday 01/12 and will go on for two weekends around Gamla Linköping, a very charming open museum that simulates the old days in Sweden, with real houses from that time and a nice small village vibe. The market consists of people selling different things: Christmas decorations and crafts, food, drinks, sweets and even clothes.

One thing I liked a lot is that sellers give you all types of delicious food to try out. I also got the chance to have a cup of the famous Glögg, a wine based drink made with spices and served hot that apparently Swedes cannot go through Christmas without it. I’m a Christmas lover and my first cold Christmas is being great. As a student in Linköping you will always find something fun to do, no matter the time of the year or the temperature outside.

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  1. Hi Amalia,

    i wouldn’t know, sorry. But try to go there and ask around. Good luck!

  2. Hi sweety,
    This may not be a culturally oriented question matching your nice blog post but…
    Do you happen to know of anyone I could apply to to work at a Christmas market in Linkoping?
    I’m new!

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