Washing your clothes: the laundry room

To have you masters in another country means that you probably will live by yourself and it is also likely you gonna need to wash your clothes. When living in Ryd, or other accommodations provided by the Swedish housing companies, you will have access to a very well equipped laundry room.

For each building there is a assigned laundry facility you can access with the same key you use to enter your apartment. In some places you need to book a time to use the laundry but there are others you can just come in and use if there is free machines. In my neighborhood I don’t need to book, what can make things difficult once there are some days it looks like everyone decided to wash clothes at the same time.

The laundry is open every day between 06.00 and 24.00 and you don’t need to bring washing powder or softener once the machines already distribute it automatically and free of charge, as the washing itself. Yeah, I know, Sweden is great. Besides the washing machines, there are drying machines and a some “closets” where you can lock your clothes inside a warm vapor and let them drying, which is great because it works almost the same as a iron. And that’s it, there is no drama when washing your clothes in Sweden.



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  1. Hey Atieh,

    The laundry is completely free of charge and you can use as many times as you want. Glad to know you like it and that it’s helpful 🙂

  2. Is the laundry free of charge? or just the detergent and softener?
    Your blog is Fantastic and helpful.

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