Studying around: the art of finding the best places

A big part of being a student is to study, so big that sometimes can get a little boring and if we are somehow lacking the will of power can be easy to leave it for latter. One of my strategies to cope with the many ours in front of the computer is to look for different places where I can set my things, lay back a little bit and keep the rhythm going. The things is that it is not about just one perfect place, but different places you can vary between.

Around Linköping there are some places I found either cozy, welcoming or interesting, here they are:

  •  – The university library: ok, this one is pretty obvious. But it is not just the library, but where in the library. If you take around among its many corridors you can find some very comfy chair, with great views. For me it makes the difference. Also, in the second floor there are table in all shapes and sizes, you can definitely find one that fits your taste.
  • – The city library: I love this place. It is downtown, but it is worth the way. The architecture is beautiful, it is a very open space with big windows. Besides that, the university internet network also works there. Extra tip: they have a great apple cake in the cafeteria.
  • – The CreActive at the Science Park: really close to LiU there is a small science city where big companies call their home. There you can find the CreActive, an open and modern space where there is free coffee and tea. The tables are really good for group work and specially around exam’s season when all possible places in the university are taken.
  • – Zodiaken Tea & Noodle bar, Zenit building: this might sound strange, but this restaurant/café has a great atmosphere for writing, good student discounts for coffee and nice sushi during lunch.

Sometimes we just need to leave our room to get some inspiration. What type of places do you like to go for studying?