Goodbye summer and welcome third semester


Hello dear readers, I’m back.

After a long and deserved break, I am back to my usual activities as a student in Sweden, but with some new and exciting challenges ahead. My first masters year has gone and with it many good memories and important learnings, how time flies. With this post I start my third semester writings about Linköping, my programme and life in Sweden as a whole. To get things going I will begin talking about summer, definitely my favorite time of the year.

My last course ended in the beginning of June, just about when the temperatures were starting to get more how I like it. Although I enjoy really hot days, writing a final essay under 30 degrees wasn’t especially pleasant, and surprisingly ironic, since summer here didn’t have many of those. Swedish summer falls usually between 20/22 degrees celsius, which I came to appreciate and now believe to be just the perfect mark for a comfortable but enjoyable summer. No need for the 35 average I was used to in Brazil.

The two and a half months I had free from university were put in good use and I believe I have recharged all the vitamin D I’ll need for the less sunny days that lay ahead. While I took this time to travel in Europe and meet some friends, one of my favorite parts was to just relax in Linköping and seize the nature around, there is plenty. I stayed around one month in the city, time which I spent mostly riding my bike everywhere and desperately looking for places to swim, one of my favorite activities.

During summer the sun barely sets (but don’t worry, you just need a good set of curtains), so days are long and mostly sunny, although it rains more then I would have liked but still less then what would be an inconvenient. The good thing is that you can do a lot out of your day, sometimes i was even going for a swim at 16pm. Summer in Sweden is a big deal and it is as the country stops during this time, so don’t leave to resolve bureaucratic issues between June and August, people just won’t answer your e-mails and this is great, sun is very appreciated by everyone and you should do the same while here. I feel like now i am in Sweden summer has acquired a new meaning for me, and those intense days of enjoying light at its most are definitely important in the weather cycle I am learning to love. i am even craving the coziness of winter the next months reserve for me.

My semester started with one last course and now I will have a semester long internship, for which I am very excited and will write everything about. More information about the places I have been this summer will follow this post, but I wanted to start with a warm  hello (the remains of summer days). Let the second year of my masters begin.


Hello from this LiU fan

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