The new building Studenthuset at Campus Valla

On one morning in late August this year I went to class and was surprised by a present with my name, so to speak. Wrap it up in a blue ribbon, I whole new building was waiting to open its doors for each and every person at Linköping University. Located at the central part of campus Valla, the Studenthuset was conceived to be many things at once: a library, a place to study, a office, a restaurant, but on top of everything, a place to meet. Meet friends, co-workers, staff, get things done and also do different things. The Studenthuset felt to me as the new soul of the university, not that it ever missed one, but to have this place where different things can come around and interact definitely has added up to the student dynamics on campus.

I was especially excited about the inauguration of this new environment. The building was undergoing construction since last year, and dodging the improvised walls hiding its transformation became an everyday activity. Now, with the walls down, people are up to all the possibilities the Studenthuset has brought. There you can find the information center, where its possible to resolve a variety of things related to your student life, such as accommodation, student card, registration, among others; the international office, which helps in many issues related to foreign students; the Valla library, from which is possible to borrow books and print whatever you need; besides many study group rooms and tables to share with your fellow colleagues. One thing I especially like is how any student can book such rooms and have a proper space for meetings and discussions without distractions.

The 7-floor tall building has a modern architecture and a welcoming vibe, besides the coffee and cookies at a really nice price in this little student cafe, right on the left of the entrance doors. There is also a nice restaurant on the back of the ground floor that has a resealable price, really tasty food with many good options for vegetarians and vegans, though it can be kinda crowded during lunchtime. Aside from practicalities, the building will be hosting events on a regular basis, so its definitely worth it to keep a eye on it. Once again Linköping has surprised me with how considering it is with its students and its whole in providing spaces and opportunities for exchange and creation of knowledge.


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