All saint’s day in Sweden

In Sweden, the all saint’s day is a national holiday, called Allhelgonahelgen. This day is celebrated worldwide in different forms., and maybe in your country there is a specific way of remembering this holy day with its roots in the catholic tradition. In Brazil it is also a national holiday, but i have to say, i don’t feel we celebrate that much, at least there is not a general consensus on how to do it, neither a national tradition in relation to this day. Well, in Sweden it does. During Allhelgonahelgen, that typically happens on the 1st of November in many places around the world, most Swedes take the day off to meet with their family, eat together and go to the cemetery to light candles and remember the loved ones that have been gone from this world.



I must confess I already have a especial attraction to cemeteries, nothing creepy, just like the quietness (obvious) and peaceful landscape, besides the sense of being in a place with a lot of history: imagine all the lives resting under your feet (maybe that ended up a little creepy, sorry). Nevertheless, I was kinda excited to go to the cemetery at night, and it was truly a beautiful experience. There was almost nothing but candles light all around. The complete darkness, although is was only 17 pm (cough,’s Sweden in November), among the trees and graves, made me feel like something special was happening in there. I enjoyed so much this day and how such ritual made me think and contemplate the dead, while watching swedes offering kinda of a memorial to those past lives. I felt here the cemetery is less of a taboo maybe, and definitely a experience worth to take.

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