Christmas in Sweden

I know its January 2020 already and christmas is so last year right now. But in the name of the best time of the year, I decided to start this new semester talking about this period I love so much and that it has gained new meaning for me since I arrived in Sweden. For most of my life, christmas have been connect to summer time, that is, extremely high temperatures, beach, sunburns and so on. Needless to say my first christmas in Scandinavia (last year I went home for holidays) was completely the opposite. Being in Sweden for the whole month of December made it possible for me to experience Swedish traditions and a new christmas vibe. Together with the darkness of mid November, the city starts to be full of christmas light and decorations, that actually remain to date and can be seen until beginning of February. Many specific traditions come together with this period, including specific foods and beverages. Here I will list some of these traditions (no categories adopted):

1. Julmust: christmas soft drink Sweds LOVE. Too sweet for me if I must say.

2. Lussebullar: Safran roll with raisins and a soft taste, I love this one.

3. Pepparkakor: Gingerbread cookies in all shapes and formats.

4. Jultomte: christmas caracter that precedes Santa Claus and is inspired by nordic folklore

5. Window christmas lights: big stars and candles lights are all around Swedish windows during this time. Definitely makes darkness easier.

6. Glögg: hot wine with spices, raisins and almonds. It’s delicious

7. Julbord: the christmas table with all types of Swedish christmas foods, hard to hold yourself.

More than these traditions, I have realized christmas in Sweden is about taking the time to be with your loved ones in a more recluse and reflective moment, enjoying inner time and coziness. Definitely my favorite time of the year. I feel renovated for 2020 and everything it might hold for me.

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