About me

Hey everyone, or in Swedish, Hej!

My name is Layla and I am from Brazil, that huge Latin American country full of people dancing samba, drinking caipirinha and arguing about soccer. But not only. Brazil is actually full of problems, but also very good in solutions. There, we like to say “the best thing about Brazil is the Brazilian people” and I agree. What surprises me the most is the capacity to overcome difficulties with creativity and good humor. As a good Brazilian, I am a curious person always willing to experience new things, and so I ended up in this Nordic country to do my masters. How did that happened?

Well, before coming to Linköping I heard someone saying that Brazil and Sweden were a nice fit, the first is creative while the second is innovative, and these two features complement each other. Indeed this was one of the reasons I decided to come to Sweden: its innovation culture. I graduated as an environmental engineer in July of 2015 and after that worked for two years and a half as a researcher in sustainability . I then started to look for masters programs and Sweden sounded like the perfect match. Now, I am a master student in the Science for Sustainable Development programme.

In this space, I will blog all about the practical and not so practical aspects of my experience for those of you who are planning to study abroad. Having you set about Sweden or not, come with me as I show the university and life of Linköping.