Wish you a good summer!

Reaching out to the end of this semester, the weather couldn’t be nicer. The city looks totally different when it’s not snowing 🙂 Even thought the weather is a bit strange than usual, nobody’s complaining about it. As a told me friend, “this is what I imagine how the summer in Europe looks like before I came here.” After a long long winter, everybody is out on the street, sitting on the grass with a bottle of beer in their hands. Such a nice place to live in.

the Roxen lake

Yesterday Me and my friends decided to go to the Roxen lake where I always wanted to go but didn’t get any chance to. It was an extremely hot day (31 degrees in Sweden), we went there by bus instead of bike. What a wise choice… Anyway, it’s totally worth it when you were sitting in front of the lake, drinking beer and eating snacks. Suddenly you forgot all your worries. This Friday I will going back to China and will be back in July. Let’s hope this weather stays for a bit longer 😉

Time for food therapy

It’s soon to be the end of the spring semester. Everyone is stressed about their study. I’m one of them. No gonna lie, I have 6 deadlines in the beginning of June. When I getting so tired, I started to miss the food from home. Nothing fancy, but homemade. I decided to make  bean paste noodle. It’s one of the most famous traditional food from Beijing. We have a very fancy version. But, at home we tend to make it easy. There are 3 most important components for this dish: noodle, bean paste and cucumber shred.


fancy version (I didn’t make that)


When you’re busy and wanted to spend money wisely, you just need those 3 things. First, you fry the bean paste with either egg or pork mince. Then you boil the noodle. Because the noodle we had in Beijing is quite different with the noodle we have here so I made my own noodle from scratch. Then you cut the cucumber into shred. Finally you mix them all together. There you have it! Traditional Beijing food!

the noodle and cucumber shred

Farewell mingle for exchange students

It’s the time of the year again, the exchange students about to end their study life at Linköping University in June. Before the time come, the university organized a Farewell Mingle event for them. To recap their fun experience at LiU and to give them the best wish for the future.

We had Maria Engelmark – director of international affairs to give the farewell speech. The students also got some practical information about living situation from faculty coordinators and housing coordinator. Following by that, ESN and ISA prepared online quiz about living in Sweden lit up the whole room. Then we had Andreas Ziegler – an exchange student from Germany also gave a speech about his daily life in Linköping. Those stories brought up a lot of common memories and laughs from the students. When everyone started to feel emotional the song “Stad I ljus” brought them closer. After that, as a surprise Lithe Blås showed up on stage! Everyone is full of excitement. The show was such an awesome immersion of the students’ life culture.


Everyone singing “Stad i ljus”


After that, the mingle session started with the lovely smörgåstårta. The room was packed with joy and laughter. While the students were having fun, they also joined the liU Alumni system which allows them to keep in touch with LiU after they go back to their home country. At the very end of the event, the students wrote about the words they wanted to say to their friends here. Everybody was so focused when they were writing it. Memories are kept in their head, text and heart. The connection they made in here will still be valuable in the future.


mingle session

Iceland trip part2

When in Iceland, everybody respect nature. There’re common senses travellers should know otherwise could be dangerous. Nature is powerful and i experience quite well in this trip. When we reached the Black Sand Beach the guide told us the wave of the ocean is very strong. Don’t get too close or turn your back to the ocean when you’re taking pictures. In good scenario you lose your camera, in bad cases you will lose your life. It both happened quite recently.

there’s a concert hold in here

When you travelling in Iceland it’s hard to not notice how unique is the landscape. Even the sightseeing attractions needs a little bit exercise to reach. Before I started this trip, I never expected there will be so much climbing so I didn’t wear anything for it. Thus on the first day of the trip I was covered in mud lol. For the sightseeing places in Iceland, there’re basically no extra protection. Once I was on the top of the mountain (underneath is a lake) and the wind is huge. If you lose focus for one second you could be in the lake already. By the way, there used to be concert hold in that lake (on a floating board) and the audience was sitting on the rocks.

I must admire how the Icelanders deal with the extreme climate and landscape conditions. That also affects their diet. I noticed that when we went to a shark museum where we can see how they eat shark as food resources. Because the shark is toxic when you eat it raw so you have to cook it in specific way for example fermentation. We wonder how the Icelander found out about that since it takes some lives to actually found out which way to eat it is safe. The shark is called Greenland shark and it was usually caught by accident (the shark is dead when people found it). People don’t hunt it in Iceland to protect the nature. We had the opportunity to try out the fermented shark which is famous for it’s smell and taste. Many people can’t accept it but I feel kinds ok with it 🙂 It’s good if you eat it with rye bread. However it’s so salty it last for the entire day in your throat 🙂


taste shark

Dried shark shin, people used to use it as sand paper

Iceland trip part 1

I have always wanted to go Iceland but everybody knows the price for going there is pretty high. Luckily I found this trip organised by ESN that costs way less than usual. It’s a 5 days trip with a group of people from different countries. We gathered in Reykjavik and tour around the country with shared bus. We have 45 people in the group, yes, 45. I got to know a lot of new friends 😉 We had a very tight schedule. Like all the group trips, we got off the bus, take pictures and got on the bus and sleep, and then again. Personally I was not enjoying it but I thought it’s normal for the trip we signed up for. Also, we did got some amazing pictures lol.

In those days, we have seen countless waterfalls and mountains. The landscape in Iceland is amazing. This could be the most natural place I have seen on earth that had people live in. The weather condition is tough. The first two days after we got there, it’s incredible windy and hail falling out of sky. It’s not even usual in Iceland for the weather in May. I remembered the first day on the bus, we pass by the snowy mountain while hearing the hail crazy knocking our bus the tour guide just started talking about Christmas traditions in Iceland cause she feels like so. And the driver was also a bit worried since we have summer tire for the trip.

However, since Iceland is an island in the middle of the ocean, the weather changes super fast. 1 minute it’s snowing, the next minute it’s sunny. You never know what’s gonna happen. It’s quite fun if you experience it in front of the waterfall cause when the sun comes out you can see rainbows 🙂