The Superpower of Non-Formal Education!

Posted in: Lifestyle and Productivity on 12 June, 2018 by Maria

Hey everyone,

As a member of the informal group of young people, called System & G Sweden (System & G SE), we are very happy to announce a new opportunity for a training course funded under the Erasmus+.

This project is focused on the education of youth workers so they can inspire participants of forthcoming projects, through educational methods, how to take responsibility for their own process of learning in a way to be able to discover and solve the problems, innovation, learning as the basic life-learning process through in- disciplined and multi-disciplined approach of learning and education with new techniques, ways, and process of getting the knowledge.

The objectives of the project are:

– To educate youth workers to stimulate learning through education that is based on educational psychology

– To educate youth workers about the basis of the process of learning but also covers cognitive theories of learning to memorize the activities that follow learning motivation specific categories of personalities in the process of teaching and evaluation of educational accomplishments.

– To empower youth workers with advanced knowledge needed in the process of education and to show the complexity of educational process

– To get close with a multicultural dimension of learning through comparative education with the focus on psychophysical in socio-cultural differences comparing educational systems of the partner countries as well as generally -accepted alternative systems (defining, learning, methodology, intelligence etc.)

– To raise the awareness of the importance of learning of learning and the development of learning-to-learn competence

Participants on this project will be youth workers since they are implementing the non-formal education for quite some time and through education which this project is giving, they want to firm their knowledge with the variety of topics of the project. Since the whole project is defined as an ”upgrade” knowledge of effective transition of knowledge through educational psychology, participants of this project should know the basis of education and the non-formal education concept.
As we already stated above that this project is also for those trainers and facilitators which are at the beginning and the ones who are in that field for a long time, it is really important for each participant to know: the concept of sessions planning and the concept of methodology of work the role self-evaluation and the importance of reflection as well as the matter of creativity of deliverance of educational program.

We want to put a focus on participants who are:

– interested in the topic of the project

– capable to work in the English language

– familiar with the concept of non-formal education

– willing to work with young people in the educational field

– willing to continue and share the gained knowledge.




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Jordgubbstårta Recipe

Posted in: Quick catch up! on 11 June, 2018 by Maria

Hey everyone!

As promised in a previous post, I will post here the recipe for the strawberry cake. In Swedish, it is called jordgubbstårta and it is amazingly tasty. The featured recipe is not mine, but it is originally posted by Arla’s official website. The translation is my own.

Ingredients (12 pieces):

4 eggs
2 dl sugar
1 dl of white flour
1 dl potato flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1½ liter strawberries
½ dl sugar
5 dl heavy cream


Set the oven to 175 °. Beat the eggs and sugar until white and puffy. Mix the white flour, potato flour, and baking soda and stir until it becomes one body. Pour it into a form, about 24 cm in diameter, which you have put some butter in advance. Bake in the lower part of the oven for about 30 minutes. Let the cake rest a few minutes. Rinse and clean the strawberries. Cut half of them into slices and mix with the sugar in a bowl. Leave them to stand for about 30 minutes until the sugar has melted. Stir a few times in the meantime. Whip the heavy cream. Divide the cake into three parts. Mix half of the sugary strawberries with 2 dl whipped cream and put on one of the cake parts, put on the next cake part and spread the rest of the sugary strawberries on it. Put on the last cake part. Spread the rest of the cream on and around the cake. Garnish with strawberries.







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Happy Birthday Amir!

Posted in: Little Confessions... on 10 June, 2018 by Maria

Hey everyone!

June is a nice month! The summer is almost at its peak, we are waiting for the midsummer celebrations and in general, the days are so warm and long that it is finally rewarding after such a hard winter. Another reason why June is a great month is because Amir has a birthday, which is a valid reason for celebrating at home with a small dinner party and a strawberry cake. In Swedish, it is called jordgubbstårta and it is a very traditional vanilla and strawberry cake. Ever since I moved to Sweden and I found out this cake, I keep on making it every summer. The best is to do it on your own, as the fresh ingredients and knowing what exactly you are adding makes it taste even better. In another post I will copy the recipe, as I am sure, you will feel your mouth watering when you see the pictures.

For now, I will let you enjoy the pictures and I will post the recipe tomorrow!




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Learning Swedish by the Swedish Institute!

Posted in: Lifestyle and Productivity, Quick catch up! on 9 June, 2018 by Maria

Hey everyone!

Today, I am going to talk about learning Swedish. My history with learning languages is rich and I have been always good at it, pretty much. Since middle primary school, I have been learning English, which resulted in a proficiency diploma by Miching University and a tutoring license. The same with French, even though I am not fluent at all, at least the certification is there to prove my once good skills in languages. Furthermore, due to my bachelor degree in Greek Philology, I have learned Ancient Greek and Latin and I have expertise on the modern Greek literature. Some attempts that  failed over the years was to learn Spanish. It was mainly because I was overwhelmed with my bachelor and also with a few personal issues that didn’t allow me to focus.

Now, what happened with the Swedish language. I moved to Sweden in March 2015 and my main worries were the Master’s in Gender Studies: Intersectionality and Change and how to find a job in order to have an income. Hence, I didn’t focus on the language from the start, letting other obligations rule my days. At the moment, professionally, I have reached a ceiling and I am unable to find the work I am looking for just because of the Swedish. This is why I have decided to put more effort into learning Swedish from now on. I have sent in an application for SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) and at the moment I am practicing with a free online platform which is called Learning Swedish by the Swedish Institute. So far, I have only completed a few chapters, but I like the way of learning online and at my own pace until I officially start the courses on the spot. Later on, I will try to write a review on how useful I think this platform is and how far I was able to come.

Have a lovely weekend!




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FRAPPES – The Greek Coffee!

Posted in: Quick catch up! on 8 June, 2018 by Maria

Hey everyone,

If I miss one thing from Greece is the warm weather! Well, not the warm weather itself, but the warm weather that makes you want to drink Frappe. I am an addicted coffee lover and I like all sorts of coffee. My most favorites types are Frappes, Cappuccino, Freddo Cappuccino, Filter Coffee and the Greek/Turkish.

What I realized soon after I have moved to Sweden is that it was impossible to find the special Frappe Mixer. There is something similar available on the market, but it is not as strong as it requires for the Frappe. The one available in Sweden is for eggs and/or whipping coffee cream, etc.

Frappes Mixer

Egg/ Coffee Cream  Mixer

Another issue is that sometimes in the coffee shops they sell Frappe, but it is not always the most successful one. For this reason, I decided to write down the correct recipe. Give it a try, it is super easy and mouthwatering!

Frappes Recipe

  1. In a big glass, add two teaspoons of coffee and sugar. Usually, for medium sweetness, the ratio is 2:2.
  2. Pour a little bit of water and start mixing the ingredients until a thick cream is created.
  3. Add lots of ice cubes.
  4. In the space available either add cold water or milk.
  5. Enjoy!




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