Outside Linköping – One day in Lund

After spending a few days in Malmö, I went to Lund, a small student city located only 20 minutes away by train. Lund is famous for its great student life with nations, and its cathedral.

I begun my day by walking around the city and the botanical garden. It was very pleasant despite the rainy weather! Then, I visited the cathedral and walked again around the city. I did not have much time since I had to take my train back to Linköping in the evening but one day was more than enough to visit Lund in my opinion!

Here are some pictures:

I will end this post by saying that it’s the end of the blogging adventure for me — at least for this year. Everything went very well in Linköping, from my studies to my student life and I can only recommend to study in this city. Plus, Sweden is a wonderful country! Hejdå 😉

Outside Linköping – My trip to Malmö

It’s been a long time I wrote on this blog. I have been very busy with my thesis defence, starting to say goodbye and… my trip to Malmö. Malmö is a city located in the south Swedish region of Skåne. It is linked to Copenhagen in Denmark by a long bridge which has been the topic of the famous series, The Bridge. I had never been there and I really wanted to visit Malmö before leaving… So, I did.

I took me three hours by train to reach Malmö. I spent three whole days in the city which was plenty of time! Main attractions include the Castle, Turning Torso and museums, such as the Art Gallery and the Modern Art Museum. But what’s good about Malmö is that you can just wander around the city and take time to visit each and every island.

My favorite place was the castle : it is a place full of history. It was successively used as a forteresse, a prison, a refugee camp and now it has been made into a museum. There you can enjoy natural science, modern art, and historical exhibitions. Plus, the price is very low: only 20kr for students!

Malmö is also a very cosmopolite city due to its location near the sea and connected to Denmark. This influenced the food and what you should do in Malmö is eating falafels. It is said the city has one of the best in Sweden!

All pictures are mine.

Farewell mingle – The end is near…

As the end of the year comes, LiU organizes events to celebrate our Swedish academic experiences as well as friendships with forged in Linköping. One of these events was the Farewell Mingle, which took place last Tuesday in KK! It was initially reserved to exchange students (not master students) but one of my friends who is an exchange student here, registered me as a guest.

Free food and drinks

The event started around 17.30 but I was late and missed the opening statements and speeches. However, I arrived just in time for enjoying the buffet: sandwiches (vegetarian for me) and bubble drinks (still don’t know if it was very low alcohol percentage or just non-alcoholic).

Playing Games and singing karaoke

After enjoying free food and drinks, we were gathered to play Kahoot. For those who don’t know: it is a smartphone app which allows you to organize quizzes with every one who is willing to play through a reference code – it’s very badly explained but you get the idea. So, we played Kahoot by teams with a Swedish/LiU-themed quizz. My team did not win but we had fun!

Then, a big karaoke was organized with songs from ABBA first. But most of the people just wanted to hang out on KK’s terrasse and enjoy beers in the sun. Which I also did!

Watching Eurovision… on a big screen!

Bilal Hassani, French 2019 Eurovision contestant. Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


Last Saturday took place the Eurovision finals. As many international students live in Linköping, some of my friends organized a screening of the show. I had never watched Eurovision, but being surrounded with other European students it was interesting and exciting to follow the competition!

I began by listening to the Eurovision Spotify playlist. So when all the songs played I knew them already, I enjoyed the show even more this way 😉

On the D-Day we all gathered in Valla – a neighborhood located between the university and the city center where there are also student housing. There, it is possible to rent a “cinema room” with sofas, a spotlight, a fridge and a microwave. Thus, we could enjoy the show with beers and pop corn!

We were a bit more than 20 people in the room, which was a lot given the lack of windows of the place… It was super warm.

I was very disappointed that Bilal Hassani, the French contestant only arrived 14th… and even more when Sweden was defeated by The Netherlands. Anyway, that was a nice show and a nice night!

Where to eat in Linköping

Credit: Unsplash/Tim Mossholder


Of course Linköping offers fast-foods (MacDonald’s, Max and Burger King) but what’s also good about Sweden are the Dagens Lunch: every week days, almost all restaurants have lunch offers costing between 100 and 150kr (around between 10 and 15 euros). However, having dinner is often way more expensive.

Asian buffés

  • Yogi to eat delicious Indian food
  • Sushi Yama which offers cheap sushis, with vegan options!
  • Yellow Fellow where you can eat great Thaï food for 100kr at lunch!
  • Ming Palace, a cheap Asian buffé (but the food is not outstanding)


  • Pizzeria Adriatic
  • Vallastaden Pizzeria

Both have super good pizzas, with gluten-free and vegan options. Pizzeria Adriatic is located near the city center, and Vallastaden Pizzeria is closer to university.



  • Grekiskt och Gott, for very good Greek food mixing tzatziki, eggplants, halloumi… and of course meat for meat-eaters!
  • Merwah, a Lebanese restaurant which is very expensive at night (I payed around 30 euros last time I got there) but cheaper for lunch.
  • Falafel huset – THE place to be on the Valla Campus, where you can have a falafel roll for less than 50kr.