Hej allihopa !

Hej allihopa ! (Hello everyone)

My name is Marie and I am studying Gender Studies at Linköping University. The complete name of my program is “Gender, Intersectionality and Change” and it is all online. “If it’s distance learning, why did she decide to move to Sweden then ?” you might wonder. My choice to leave France, my home country, for Sweden is deeply rooted in my former experience as an exchange student in Uppsala University (in the North of Sweden). I will now explain all about it !

Why Sweden ?

Two years ago, when I came back from my Erasmus year in Uppsala, I knew I would come back to Sweden – it was just a matter of time. I had always been intrigued and fascinated by this country and my year there had been really eye- and mind-opening. So when I have been done with my first master in Journalism last June, I decided to take the opportunity to study a second master in Sweden, in Gender Studies.

Why Gender Studies ?

I discovered Gender Studies during my year in Uppsala. There, I studied some basic courses and it encouraged me to dig deeper into certain subjects revolving around identity and feminist theories in social sciences. During my two-year master in Journalism in France, I taught myself about feminism concepts, such as intersectionality*. Studying a second master in Gender Studies became an obvious choice.

Why Gender Studies in Linköping, Sweden ?

I knew I wanted to move back to Sweden and I knew that if I was to study a second master, it would be in Gender Studies. Combining the two was obvious. So, I looked for Swedish master programs in Gender Studies, and found the “Gender, Intersectionality and Change” program at Linköping University. It was PER-FECT. Indeed, I was not looking for a global program tackling basic gender studies topics, but a program allowing me to go deeper into my reflection around feminism and identity. The fact that it was online did not draw my attention at first, I realized it way after and it was actually a good thing : I could work besides, and organize my time as I wanted. So here I am, enjoying Swedish life and studying a topic I am passionate about !

I hope I made you more curious about Sweden, Linköping University and Gender Studies,

Hejdå (bye),


* I will explain this concept in a later post about my studies. For now, you can learn more about it here: https://www.genus.se/en/wordpost/intersectionality/

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