Travelling – Norrköping: Hello little sister!

Norrköping is a former industrial city built around water.


A lot of cities are worth visiting around Linköping. Among them is definitely Norrköping, where LiU has a campus. I went there a month ago, when the weather was still sunny and (kind of) warm.


How to get to Norrköping

  • University bus

Since LiU has a campus in Norrköping, it is possible to get there by taking a specific bus dedicated to students and every person owning an LiU student card. The bus, called Campusbussen, is available on week days and is for free ! You can check out the timetable here.

Driving from Linköping to Norrköping takes approximately 40 minutes, according to Google Maps.

  • Train

Another way to go to Norrköping is to take the train. You can book tickets on the SJ website, which is the global website for train-ticket bookings in Sweden. The journey is less than 30 minutes long and costs between 120 SEK and 200 SEK return.

  • Flixbus and other companies

Since I went to Norrköping on a Saturday, Campusbussen was not available. I decided to take the bus there. Many bus companies offer journeys with stops in Norrköping, since the city is located on the way to Stockholm and to Skavsta Airport. I booked a trip with Flixbus, which cost me around 200 SEK (around 20 euros).


What to visit in Norrköping

  • Go around the water

Norrköping is a former industrial city built around many dams, destined to produce electricity. Therefore, it offers a nice landscape of canals and rivers going through the city. You can have a walk along the water and enjoy the sound of waterfalls and, if the weather is good, the sunlight reflecting on the water ponds.

Me, holding a giant “Gender Equality” cube at the entrance of Norrköping’s visualization center.

  • Museums

Norrköping also has several museums to visit. Among them: Stadsmuseet (the municipal museum), Konstmuseet (the Art gallery), Arbetets museet (museum of work) and Visualisering Center (a museum displaying scientific works).

I only visited the Arbetets museet. It was very diverse with a lot of different exhibitions revolving around history and social issues such as climate change and sustainability, as well as art – mainly photographs and drawings.

I passed by the Visualisering Center out of curiosity. It was displaying scientific research about the brain and emotions. It also has a cinema where it is possible to watch 3D movies about space and science.

  • City-center

Walking around Norrköping’s city center is not as nice as strolling along its waterside, but can be a good way to end the day. You can go through its numerous parks and colorful buildings, visit its church – if it is open – and go shopping.

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