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From 12th to 23th November, LiU was hosting the “Global Weeks”. During two weeks, topics revolving around Sustainability and Environment were tackled in different lectures, workshops and other events.

 Lunch lectures

In collaboration with SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and Linköping’s municipality, many student organizations held “lunch lectures” – between 12.15pm and 1pm – dealing with one of several Sustainability goals set by the United Nations, such as gender equality or sustainable energy. Some of them were in Swedish, but the majority were in English.

I attended five of them:

  • “Saving lives with science” about how research could save lives by providing medicines and vaccines in developing countries
  • “Defending Human Rights” held by Civil Rights Defenders, an NGO which provide help and funding for Human rights activists all around the world
  • “How Sweden works with global sustainable development”
  • “What effects do our food choices have on the environment?” held by the Swedish NGO Medveten Konsumtion (Conscious Consumption)
  • “Lunchlecture with Bureau against discrimination”

A slide during the lunch lecture by Medveten Konsumtion, ““What effects do our food choices have on the environment?”.

My favorite lecture, by far, was “What effects do our food choices have on the environment?”. Indeed, being a vegetarian myself I already knew a lot of what was stated by the lecturer, but I learned a lot about our consumer choices’ consequences’ scope by reading unbelievable numbers – see picture. I also liked attending the lecture about Human Rights, because a lot of the stories told were related to LGBTQ+ rights and feminism, which are the topics I am mostly interested in due to my master.

Sometimes, lunch was provided for the first students to show up to the lecture. Thanks to this, I got one or two free falafels sandwiches to eat while listening to the lecturers.


Clothes Swapping

Another exciting event was the “Clothes swapping”. The idea of this event organized by ESN, the student organization destined to Erasmus and international students, was to promote second-hand consumption. I was really interested in this event because for almost a year now, I have decided not to buy anymore standardized new clothes from famous brands in order to reduce my ecological footprint.

During the “Clothes swapping” event, everyone was welcome to bring up to 5 pieces of clothes, and to take up as many pieces of clothes as they brought. For instance, I brought one jacket and was able to take one white jumper home. I regret not bringing more pieces, because some of the clothes looked very nice!

Other events were organized such as a workshop about “sustainable living”. One of my friend went there, and learned how to handle stress and anxiety with meditation, for instance. These two weeks were really exciting and inspiring!


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