Swedish life – First snow & beginning of (true) cold

My alley under the snow.


When I studied in Uppsala three years ago, it only started to snow around the end of December. At that time I was back in France for Christmas and could only start enjoying the snow in January when I came back to Sweden after New Year’s Eve.

This year, everything is different. It has started to snow maybe two weeks ago. However, it suddenly stopped because it became too cold. The temperatures dropped to -13 degrees celsius and instead of snow, we had frost. I must admit it was kind of disappointing. But the landscapes were still covered in white, and were glowing under the winter (autumn?) sun. I took many pictures to immortalize sunsets.



Right now, snow is back (see picture on top of the article). I love this weather: (very) cold and sunny. However, at first, I did not think it would be that cold in November. So, I kept biking, wearing my cotton gloves. Until one time, I could not feel my fingers anymore. Then I started using what I call my “Lapland gloves” (because I bought them in 2016 to go to Lapland). They are supposed to keep your hands warm until -30 degrees celsius – let’s say that it works pretty well.

Right now, I don’t feel like biking anymore. I am going to start using buses I think. Or walk. I will let you know another time about transportation in Linköping!

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