Travelling – Jönköping: almost like seaside

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Around Munksjön, in Jönköping.


Two weeks ago I took a spontaneous trip to Jönköping (Småland region, see map), on my own. I had a free Saturday and wanted to get some air. When I checked the destinations available (and cheap) from Linköping, I immediately chose this city because it was close (only 1h30 minutes away by bus) and the lake it was built around made it the perfect destination for a trip between nature and city life.


Trip from Linköping to Jönköping. Photo: GoogleMaps/screenshot.

How to get to Jönköping?

  • Train. Going to Jönköping by train costs between 400 and 500 SEK return (around 40 to 50 euros) and takes around 2 hours. Not very cost-efficient in my opinion.
  • Bus. I took the bus to go to Jönköping. Indeed, with Flixbus I paid only 22 euros return and the trip took only 1h30. (However, my bus home was veryyyyy late, and I had to wait an hour before it arrived at Jönköping Centralstation to take me to back Linköping.)


What to do in Jönköping?

  • Walk by the lake. Jönköping has been built next to the second largest Swedish lake, lake Vättern. Thanks to a dam, a smaller lake has been created inside the city, lake Munksjön. You can walk around it and enjoy nature, while being close to the city. Even though, the weather was not really good – the sky was mostly grey and temperatures were low due to the wind – I walked around it during almost two hours.
  • Visit museums. I did not visit any museums in Jönköping, simply because they were either too far from the city-center and the station (like the Art Gallery) or were closing to early (around 4pm). However in Jönköping, you can find the Matches Museum (yes, a museum about matches, a Swedish invention), the Länsmuseum (regional museum) and the Art Gallery (Osterangens Konsthall).


  • Enjoy the city-center. Jönköping’s city center is pretty much like any other Swedish city-center – and mostly like Linköping’s. You can find shops (Flying Tiger of Copenhaguen being one of my favorite), historical buildings (like the theatre of the Court of justice, see pictures) and a beautiful church. I ended my day-trip taking fika at Wayne’s coffee.

All photos, except when noted, are mine.

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