Swedish Dictionary – What is… fika?

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This morning our neighbors invited my housemates and I for fika, as well as other people living in our street. So, we went to their house and enjoyed a nice morning gathering.

Fika = cosy coffee break

Fika is the traditional coffee break. It usually takes place in the afternoon like the French “goûter” or the British “tea-time”. But it can be organized at any time! You can have fika with friends, your family or your partner, at home or in a coffee shop.

Swedish coffee shops are really cosy and usually offer a wide range of sweets and candy, such as carrot cake, chocolate cake or the traditional cinnamon buns (kanelbullar). On the side, you can drink coffee or tea.

My favorite fika combo is a Chai Tea with a piece of cheese cake, carrot cake or Daimstårta (a pie with Daim’s candy !).


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