Swedish Toolbox – How to find housing in Linköping

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I remember being extremely stressed out about finding housing in Linköping. I started to look for it last May, and found it after a couple weeks of internet searching ! From the info I had gathered, I knew I could find housing for a rent between 3.500 SEK and 4.000 SEK (between 350 et 400 euros). That is the average budget in Linköping.

As a master student you don’t get help from the university to find housing – it’s different I think when you are on exchange. To get student housing (a room in a corridor), you need to queue. In order to do that, you must create an account on the website of Studentbostäder and start collecting points. The longer you are in the queue, the more points you get, the more housing offers you get.

However, I started to queue only in May – not early enough to get a good number of points. So I started to look for housing on Blocket, a website where you can buy second-hand products from other people and where owners put their rooms to rent. That is where I found the room I am actually renting.

Another mean to find housing is Facebook. Many groups exist where you can put up posts about what kind of housing you are looking for:

You can also look for housing on the university online board: Anslagstavlan. There, you can put up your own post or answer to some offers.

I live in Ryd, the student area. However, I am renting a room in a house I share with six other people. I found it on Blocket as I said and I must admit my Swedish helped a little! My only advice is not to give up, you will find a place to stay !

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