Snow has arrived! – How to survive in the cold

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Photo: Unsplash/Brigitte Tohm


Last Tuesday, I just finished writing my article complaining about the warm weather and the lack of snow… when it actually started to snow. It was still a pretty thin layer, and today it has almost disappeared. But I hurried out to take pictures in Ryd, my neighborhood, that you can see below. The temperatures have also dropped: yesterday it reached -7°C (which I think is still ok).



With the cold comes up a significant question: how to survive it. Well, first, I would advise you to buy a big and impermeable coat such as a ski jacket. Then you must multiply layers of clothes and do not hesitate to wear tights under your jeans! Regarding shoes, simple sneakers are risky. Indeed, snow tends to freeze on the road so you might slip and hurt yourself. That is why I bought some warm and impermeable hiking shoes, allowing me not to freeze when I am walking in the snow!


How can you go around the city?

At first I had thought about taking the bus. But since the cycle paths are very well taken care of despite the snow and ice – they are salted almost everyday – I keep biking. Hence the need for a ski jacket, because the wind adds up to the cold! I also wear ski gloves to avoid my fingers being frozen.

In any case, I enjoy how Sweden can offer a real winter – far from the grey rainy weather which usually happen in Paris.

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