End of the semester – Dancing in Flamman!

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The semester is ending this week, and everyone is coming back from Christmas break for exams. However, I don’t have any of them. I only had to submit my final assignment before Friday – which I already did.

End of the semester also means some students are leaving after their exchange semester. This comes with a lot of farewell parties, where we all meet again after weeks apart and have to say goodbye at the same time – kind of sad.

Flamman, “the flame”

That’s how last Saturday my friends and I decided to go to Flamman, which is one of the best place to party in Linköping when you are a student. Only students can attend it, so you need to bring your LiU card in order to prove you are one. Then you have to pay the entrance fee, which is pretty cheap – 60 crowns (around 6 euros).

It is usually kind of crowded, and you might wait a bit long to enter. The best you can do is come early, around 11pm. The club closes at 3am, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the music. Usually, it goes from international hits to Swedish classics. Perfect for a Saturday night out!



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