Perks of Swedish winter – Ice skating in Linköping

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Ice-skating in Linköping. Photo: Marta Herrero.


I could not write anymore last week, due to a problem with my computer. But now I am back, and I am able to tell you more about Swedish winter. One thing you want to try during winter in Sweden is definitely ice-skating. I tried it last Wednesday and it was so much fun!

Where to get ice-skates

To go ice-skating, you first need… ice-skates, that’s right. I bought some in Myrorna, which is a second-hand shop in Linköping’s city center. They cost me 100 kronor (approximately 10 euros). You can also find some on or in some second-hand dedicated Facebook groups.

However, it is possible to rent some in Campus Hallen, the gym located on campus. There, you only have to chose your size and pay 40 kronor (around 4 euros) to rent them for the day. And if you do not feel comfortable skating for the first time or if you are worried to fall down, helmets are also available.

The ice-ring

The ice-ring is located just outside campus, behind Campus Hallen. The access is totally free, and it is not rare to see families or experienced ice-skaters enjoying the spot! On the day I went there with my friends, the weather was not really sunny and it had snowed a lot before, but we still managed to spend a good time!

I find ice-skating super relaxing and fun, and can only recommend it since it is such an easy activity to get to do in Linköping!

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