Shopping in Linköping – Where to buy second-hand

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Photo: Unsplash/Lauren Fleischmann

My 2018 resolution was to shop clothes second-hand, both to reduce my expenses and my ecological footprint. In 2019 I decided to keep this commitment and I have been looking for ways to stick to my promise. Thankfully, many ways to buy second-hand exist in Linköping and in Sweden, in general.


One of my favorite shops in Linköping is Myrorna. It is a second-hand shop where it is possible to buy ice-skates, as well as dresses or furniture for low prices. Whenever I need to buy a new piece of clothes I go there first. Another second-hand shop is held by the Red Cross. However, I have only been there once. Anyway, both of these shops are cheap and second-hand, which allows you to buy low-price clothes and reduce your ecological footprint.


Another way to buy second-hand in Linköping is to check the Internet. As I have mentioned before, is one of the best platforms to do so. It is easy to get in contact with users all over Sweden and get good prices. I actually never bought anything on this website, but it is my first reflex whenever I need something. Otherwise I used Facebook Marketplace to buy both my bike and my guitar, which is also a good way to get second-hand stuff!

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