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This week I finally received my new Swedish credit card! I can finally pay in Swedish crowns everywhere I go, and that is pretty useful given the amount of fees certain banks take for every payment you do. However, it is complicated to get a Swedish bank account. But I am determined to explain how you can get one.

1. Get a personal number

First, it is necessary (not required but really easier) to get a personal number – I explained how to get one here. You can definitely get a bank account without any personal number, but I don’t know how to do it,  so I will stick to my experience. Worth noting: I also waited to get my Swedish ID Card, before beginning the process (I will explain how to get one in a later post).

2. Get an appointment at the bank

This is the tricky part. I personally went to three banks to get an appointment in November, and they all inly had appointments in… January. Thus, I really advise you to begin the process really early after arriving in Sweden. I finally opened my bank account in Swedbank, but other offers for students are available in SEB or Handelsbanken. Some banks are also online, such as ICA Bank (but I never tested it).

3. Create your Mobil Bank-ID

Once you have opened your bank account – usually it takes you 30min at the bank and you have to wait for your turn since dozens of people have an appointment at the same time – you can create your Mobil Bank-ID. Swedes all have a Mobil Bank-ID directly linked to their bank account, it allows them to identify in a more secure way. The 6 digits code allows you to unlock your bank application, to pay taxes or to use Swish.

4. Get your credit card & code

Once you’ve done all previous steps, the bank will send you your card and code by mail within a week. Then, you are all set!


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