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Swish mobile app screenshot.

Sweden is famous for (almost) being a cash-free country. Here, all shops and restaurants take credit card payments without any minimal amounts. Even on the Christmas Market, all the stores were taking the card. However, credit card is not the only way to pay without cash. Most of the time, Swedes use also Swish, a mobile-app which allows you to transfer money easily.

How does it work?

Besides owning a smartphone, in order to get Swish, you need:

  1. A Swedish bank account
  2. A Mobil Bank-ID

In other words, you obviously need to have a personal number. Once you have installed the app, it will guide you into linking your bank account and your phone number to your Swish account (it is pretty easy).

Swish? What for?

Once the app is all ready to be used, it is very useful. Indeed, you won’t have to carry cash anymore in case you need to give money back to your friends who paid you a beer in Flamman or got you a coffee during your last fika. All you need to do is enter their phone number and fill in the amount you want to transfer to their bank account. Of course, they also need to own a Swish bank account. It is so common in Sweden, that you will often hear the words: “I can just Swish you”. Pretty cool, right?


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