Swedish toolbox – How to get an ID Card

Now you know all about the personal number and how you need it for everything in Sweden. Once you got it, it is useful to get yourself a Swedish temporary ID card, it is for instance easier to create a bank account if you have one. And it is pretty simple to get one.

1. Get an appointment with Skatteverket

Skatteverket is the Swedish tax agency. They are the one in charge with all your administrative paperwork, which most of the time revolves around your personal number. In order to book an appointment, you just have to visit their website and choose an available slot at Linköping’s bureau.

2. Get your current ID & pay

Once you got your appointment, you only need two things to apply for a Swedish ID-Card: your current ID Card or Passport from your home country and pay 400kr (around 40 euros). In order to pay, you need to transfer the money to a bank account linked to Skatteverket – they give you the reference on their website – and print the proof you’ve paid.

3. Skatteverket’s appointment

On your appointment day with Skatteverket, you must bring the proof of your payment and your current ID. They will take a picture of you and verify all of your information. The appointment is very fast and after 15 minutes, you get a paper saying you ordered a Swedish ID Card and you can choose wether you want to receive a text or an e-mail to inform you when your ID Card is ready.

4. Fetch your ID Card

It usually takes 10 days to get your ID ready. Once you receive your text, you can go to Skatteverket and get your card without any appointment. You just need to provide the paper stating you ordered your card. Then, you are all set!

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