Gender Studies – What happens during a face-to-face week 1/2

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I have not been very active for a week. Why? Because last week was very intense. I was taking part in the second “face-to-face week” of my program, “Gender, Intersectionality and Change”.

Reminder: my master is online

If you remember right, in the first post of this blog, I explained that my master program was online and that I had deliberately chosen to move to Sweden. Although all of our classes (tutor-meetings, lectures, seminars) mainly via Skype or Microsoft Teams, we must attend three “face-to-face weeks” during the year.

The first face-to-face week took place last August, at the end of the month. However, I could not attend it because I was working in Paris. In order to get credits anyway, I had to write a compensatory assignment to make up with my absence. Thus, I was very excited to be part of this second face-to-face week to meet my classmates!

What does this week look like?

It looked like an intense week full of classes – I must admit I am not used to it anymore. We had class from approximately 9am to 4pm everyday. The schedule comprised workshops, co-tutor meeting and lectures all around the same subject: “Career Paths and Professional Communication”.

This course is worth 6 credits and aims at showing us in which way we can apply and use our knowledge in Gender Studies in the labour market. Basically, we learned how to be a Gender Studies expert in our own professional field from research to journalism. We had some readings to do before each class and we were discussing it altogether.

It was really interesting to see that most of us – we were 20 present out of 40 – had chosen Gender Studies out of interest, and did not expect to really have a career fully linked to this topic. I realized, thanks to all our classes, that I was developing a real expertise in this field and I feel more confident about it now!

I will post a second post later this week to go into detail regarding our workshops and what we actually did during all of our classes.

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