Stockholm – First trip to the capital?

Stockholm’w view from Södermalm. Credits: Marie Zafimehy.

The first time I went to Stockholm I was 16. I was visiting the Swedish capital-city with my parents, and my siblings. That is the moment I fell in love with Sweden. Everything seemed so perfect – everyone looked beautiful and well dressed, I could not get enough of Gamla Stan and visiting museums, and the landscapes in the archipelago just amazed me. I knew I would come back.

Since then, I have been to Stockholm numerous times – maybe a dozen. But I never get enough. I am still in love with Gamla Stan and Södermalm. I still like crossing bridges, walking Drottningsgatan and visiting the Vasamuseet.

As approximately every destinations in Sweden, you can reach Stockholm by bus or by train.  Once you did, here what I think you should visit if it is your first time there (I will dedicate another post to more secondary visits).

1. Gamla Stan

First, you must take a walk through Gamla Stan (the old city). I think this is the most beautiful part of the city, with old colorful buildings which look very nice on Instagram. It is obviously very touristy but it is a must-go. There, you will find the Nobel museum for instance – and numerous gift shops.

2. Vasamuseet (and others)

The Vasamuseet is the best museum I have ever visited – I am not being over-the-top, it was even designated among the 10 best museums in the world. It displays the Vasa boat, a vessel which drown in Stockholm’s harbor during the XVIIth century. If you have the chance to get a guided-tour, it is even better. I remember the first time, I really had the feeling to be part of the boat and living a real-time experience.

You can also visit numerous other museums, such as the Nordiska museum (about Nordic culture), the Abba museum (about the band), the Modern museum, Skansen (an open-air museum about Swedish history and culture)… and many others!

3. Enjoy the nature and the water

Finally if the weather is sunny, I strongly recommend a trip around Stockholm’s archipelago. The landscapes are amazing and you can take beautiful pictures! If it is cloudy or rainy, you can still take a walk around Djurgården, a huge park built on one of Stockholm’s islands. Many Stockholmers go there to run or simply chill on the grass, when the weather allows it. A must-go!

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