Gender Studies – How does my online master work? 2/2

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Last week, I explained part of my studying routine as a student from the online master “Gender, Intersectionality and Change”. This studying routine also involves two important things: readings and assignments.

Weekly literature

As I explained, each week I have to watch a pre-recorded lecture. And with each lecture, goes a list of topic-related academic papers or book chapters. Usually, I have to read between 50 and 150 pages a week. It can sometimes be a lot, but everything is really interesting. Plus, most of the time teachers divide the literature in two categories: intensive readings (that you have to read very thoroughly) and extensive readings (that is not as important as the previous ones).

Once I read “everything” (come on, you know you don’t always read “everything” ūüėČ ), I am expected to write a reflection diary. This assignment is meant to be a basis for our tutor-meeting discussion. Writing style is free and I can write about the readings as well as any other topic related to gender studies I have in mind. I think it is a very interesting exercise, since it encourages us to break our academic writing habits!


This leads me to the most important: assignments. Many people ask me if I have to take exams. The answer is: yes and no. Yes because I am evaluated through regular assignments and no, because I don’t have to go to any exam sessions on campus. Indeed, most of my “exams” consist in essays and personal reflections on a chosen-topic. Most of the time, I am expected to implement the concepts and theories I learned during the course to an issue of my choice.

I really like this because once again, I have total freedom on the topic I choose and how I get to tackle it. Plus, most of the time, we get a week or so to write it, which I think is adequate. Once I am done, I am expected to submit my paper online on Lisam, which is where everything related to LiU and student life happens here (I might write about it later!).

Now you know everything about my master!

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