Swedish dictionary – Semla/or

Vegan semlor.

Today is fettisdagen (or fat Tuesday) ! On this day it is tradition to eat semlor (semla, in singular) in Sweden. Although today is the official day to eat them, semlor are often sold in bakeries and cafés from the beginning of February – if not end of January. I baked some vegan ones with one of my housemates two weeks ago, they were very good – you can see them on the pictures above.

What are semlor?

Semlor are a traditional Swedish pastry. They are basically composed of:

  • puff pastry
  • whipped cream
  • marcipan
  • sugar on top

It can be very heavy to eat, but I really like it. They really are tradition here, almost as much as kanelbullar! Yesterday, was even organized an event at university to eat some – but I did not go because I had to study…

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