Outside Linköping – Motala

A boat in Motala.


Two weeks ago I spent a sunny afternoon in Motala, 50 kilometers away from Linköping. It is built on the Göta Canal, and on the Vättern Lake, on the opposite side of Jönköping.

How to get there?

Getting to Motala is super easy. Indeed, you only have to go to Linköping’s train station and take the “pendeltåg” (the regional train) to Motala’s central station. It takes about 40 minutes.

Linköping-Motala by train.

When it comes to the tickets, you must buy a regional day ticket (available in the whole Östergötland region). It costs 100kr (around 10 euros). – It makes me feel that I should explain how to use public transportation in Linköping and the Östergötland region.

What to do in Motala?

I just needed to get away from the city so I decided to go Motala to stroll in the sunlight. And that’s what I did. I mostly hung out around the Göta canal – which is one of the most important Swedish construction, and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sweden – and around lake Vättern.

I ended my day with a Chaï Latte in Espresso House, and went back home around 5pm.

I really recommend the destination as a short get-away from Linköping. Plus, the train ride through the country side is very nice!

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