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Last week-end, I went for sauna for the first time since I have moved to Linköping! I, of course, had done it before when I spent my Erasmus in Sweden. But, since it was my first time here, it felt a little bit special.

What is sauna?

I think that most of you must know what sauna is. Basically, you just lie down or sit in a room heated up to more than 100°C and sweat until you can’t stand it anymore. It is a huge part of Swedish culture. You can either wear a bathing suit or do it naked. During your session, you can drink cold beer or ciders, listen to music… and you can take breaks to take a cold shower: it is super relaxing.

The best, in my opinion, is to enjoy a sauna during winter and to take breaks diving in  cold water. You can find a few spots in Sweden where it is possible to do that, and it is amazing. I have done it in Fjällnora, near Uppsala three years ago. But I think the best experience of my life, was in Lapland, where I enjoyed a 90°C sauna and then dived into a frozen lake. It scary at first, but then you just want to do it again!

Sauna in Linköping

Actually, the house I live in has a sauna, but it is broken. Too bad! So, to enjoy a sauna time I joined some friend living in the Ryd area. If you live in the students building there, you can book a sauna for a few hours. I don’t really know how it works since I don’t live in student housing, but I think it is pretty convenient!

Otherwise, I know that you have saunas in most of the gyms, not only in Linköping but in Sweden in general. Plus, I heard of spots where you can actually sauna in the nature and dive into a lake! I’ll write about it for sure if I ever do it!

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