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Publicerat av Linköpings stadsbibliotek Torsdag 14 mars 2019


I have good news: I passed the Swedish national test and I am done with SFI classes! When I got the news this week, I was glad but also worried. If I was done with classes, where was I going to be able to learn Swedish??? Luckily, Linköping’s public library has a lot of events for newly Swedish speakers. Among them is the “Kvinnor bokcirkeln på lätt svenska” (“Women’s book club in easy Swedish”) . I attended it once last week and it was an amazing experience!

Where & when?

The book club takes place in Linköping’s public library, in the city center. It takes approximately 15 minutes by bike to go there from the university.

It is held every other week on Thursday mornings (10-12). Since I don’t have class, it is easy for me to organize and go there in the morning, but it is true that it can be a struggle for other master programs…!

What do you do there?

Last time I went there we were five, including Désirée, who was organizing the event. We first introduced ourselves and then read a (very) easy book in Swedish. Even though it was a little bit too easy for me, I really liked that we took time to discuss the Swedish words, expressions and culture. It really got me to talk and express myself in Swedish, which can be hard in my day-to-day life since most of my friends are internationals (and we speak English!).

I can’t wait to go back there next week!

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