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Screenshot of the Facebook event from Festeriet Fyllecellen “GOLDFEVER 2019 – Battle of the 70’s”


I feel like I am only writing about parties these days. Last week I talked to you about Kårhuset Kollektivet, where I have been to a “Absolut Flashback party”. Today, I am going to tell you about Kårallen, where I partied last Saturday, dancing on 1970s music – for the most part.

What is Kårallen?

Just like KK, Kårallen is part of Linköping’s “Kårservice”, that is to say the association in charge of organizing student life in LiU. However, Kårallen is located on campus and open all day long. Indeed, that is where most of the student organizations have their offices, and you can find several cafés to have lunch or fika. On Thursday nights, you can even have beers there!

1970s party

Last Saturday, the party’s name was “Goldfever – Battle of the 1970s”. Partying on campus was surprising to me, and seeing the usually quite quiet areas turned into two huge dance floors was very exciting – one was on the first floor with live music, and the other one on the ground floor.

Partying in Kårallen is usually as expensive as KK. For instance I paid 120kr (approximately 12 euros) to go to this party. But unlike the week before, tickets were not sold out from the first round of sales!

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