Going to France; flying from and to Linköping

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Last week I flew to France for two days to surprise my Mom for her birthday. It was a quick trip from Wednesday morning to Friday morning but it was (1) cheap and (2) worth it. It was my third trip to France since I moved to Linköping last September. Each time I flew from Skavsta Airport, but it is also possible to travel from Linköping City Airport and Arlanda Airport.

Skavsta Airport

It’s the one I use. You can access it by booking tickets with Flygbussarna buses. One return ticket costs 269kr (around 26-27 euros). You can take the bus from Linköping central station, and the trip lasts about 1.30 hour!

From Skavsta only RyanAir flights are available… but they are cheap. For instance, I only paid 40 euros for a return tickets for Paris – you have however to ass the prices of the bus, 27 euros in Sweden and 30 euros in France from Beauvais airport.

Linköping City Airport & Arlanda

I have never travelled from Linköping’s airport. But I know it only offers a few flights, most of them to Amsterdam.

Arlanda Airport is located less than an hour away from Stockholm by train and it is the biggest airport in the country. When I lived in Uppsala, I used to fly from this airport because it is very close. You can also access it by train or bus. However, it is so far away from Linköping (almost three hours)!

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