Stockholm – Michelle Obama in Ericsson Globe

Michelle Obama at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm on 10th April.

Yesterday night I got to enjoy an evening with… Michelle Obama. I got my tickets last October and after reading her book, Becoming, I was really excited to see her on stage. Her talk was very inspiring, she talked about different issues such as parenting, growing up a Black girl, building a career of her own… The atmosphere was very intimate even though we were 15.000 people to watch her!

Ericsson Globe

The event took place in the Ericsson Globe, which is the main venue in Stockholm for concerts and other similar cultural events. The Ericsson Globe is located in the South-East Stockholm.

To go there I had to take the subway until the Globen station (green line). Stockholm’s subway network can be hard to get at first, but now I am used to it. The tickets are very expensive though — for a student one 1.15 hour ticket costs 31kr (around 3 euros)! You can either pay for an Access transport card and charge it regularly or use the SL phone application to buy tickets.


Map of Stockholm’s metro. Wikicommons/xyboi, redraw by Stonyyy


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