Stockholm again: what new things did I experienced?

ABBA The Museum and Pop house Hotel at Djurgårdsvägen in Stockholm. Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Leif Jørgensen

Last week-end, I was in Stockholm. After going there to see Michelle Obama live, I decided to stay a bit more. I was skeptical about what new things I could do there, after having visited the city a dozen of time. But, the experience was refreshing and (almost) totally new!

Hornstull flea market and second-hand shops

On Saturday and Sunday until September, a flea market takes place along Hornstull strand, a beach on the south-west side of Södermalm, the South island of Stockholm. It was pretty small but good vintage clothes were for sales! From there it is then possible to go all the way up to the North of the island while passing other numerous second-hand shops such as Emmaüs, the Red Cross and Myrorna – a shop I already talked about here.

Stockholm’s library

I had heard about Stockholm’s library and its round main hall. Visiting it was very interesting and I just wandered around the shelves checking out books dealing with topics as diverse as chemistry, travel or French literature. In my opinion, it’s a nice spot to visit in Stockholm to be in a calm atmosphere for a while.

ABBA Museum

First impression: the ABBA Museum is expensive. My ticket as a student cost 175kr (around 18 euros). This is a lot of money, but I really wanted to go. The museum in itself is interesting and I learned a lot about ABBA’s band history. The exhibitions display a lot of objects belonging to the band and music follows you everywhere, creating an immersive experience. And… I loved the souvenir shop!


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