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These last days have been really really busy. I am writing my thesis — a 30 pages/12.000 words paper to pass my first year of master! I am writing about the representation of Black masculinity in the TV series New Girl. Finding the precise and detailed topic as well as my research question took me a long time, but now I think I am on the right track — I am meeting my supervisor next Thursday to talk about it. Meanwhile, I can just tell you how the whole thing is organized.

Two years/two thesis

My master is kind of special. Indeed, it’s not only one but two thesis that we have to submit at the end of each year. The first one must be not as deeply researched as the second one. However, it is still a lot of pressure and… not a lot of time to write.


Basically, we have two to three months to write our thesis — if we want to defend it in June, it’s longer otherwise. The first deadline was 1st March: by then, we needed to have a pitch to submit. Not a fully detailed topic and research question, but only a short text stating what we wanted to talk about. Then, on 7th April, we needed to submit a detailed research plan and (theoretically) we are expected to have written 80% of our thesis at the end of the month.


After submitting our pitch, our course coordinator matched us with our supervisors according to the topics we wanted to study. I set the first meeting with mine on 27th March. I had no idea how to tackle my topic which was by then only defined by “masculinity in TV series”. At the end of the meeting I realized I would have to read A LOT. So I did and the next one, set on 9th April, I was (late and) able to submit my research plan. I have been working on my thesis ever since, and my next appointment with my supervisor is… next Thursday!

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