Series – Why you need to watch “Quicksand”/”Störts av allt”

Maybe you have already watched it, or maybe you are planning to. The Swedish series Störst Av Allt (Quicksand, in English) is, in my opinion, a very good show worth binge-watching on Netflix.

The series’ lead-role is held by a LiU student!

Even more when you know that the main character, Maja, is played by Hanna Ardéhn, a student at Linköping University. You can watch her interview below:

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The plot is very captivating

Beyond the fact that the series has an undeniable link to LiU, it is also an amazing thriller. The characters are very complex and I really enjoyed watching it. However, each episode is quite long — 45 to 50 minutes — and usually very emotionally heavy. I had to take breaks of sometimes several days to be able to process all the story. But it is definitely worth watching it!

It is a good way to learn Swedish

I installed the Chrome extension called “Learn Languages with Netflix” and it’s really efficient! Thanks to it you can watch Swedish shows (are any other show) with subtitles in two languages. For instance, I watched Quicksand with both Swedish and English subtitles. I learned a lot of new words and was able to practice my comprehension 🙂

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