SOF 2019 – music, choirs and party

LiU’s Red Army choir on Stora Torget.

Last week-end was a crazy week-end in Linköping: it was the 2019 edition of SOF, a yearly festival gathering student choirs from Sweden and sometimes, from Europe — one came from Granada in Spain! It started on Thursday night, and kept going until Saturday night and the big party — which I did not attend but was great I heard.

Friday: choirs in the city center

On Friday I went to the city center to attend my friend’s performance on Stora Torget (the main square). Here, several choirs were performing one after the other from 1.00pm to 5.00pm. My friend was singing with the Red Army Choir from Linköping, a choir parodying the Soviet Red Army chants and traditional Soviet songs. Some dancers joined them at times, adding to the satire. It was very funny and entertaining, even more with the sun which had just come out for the afternoon!

Saturday: music all over campus

On Saturday I met some friends to enjoy the music and the partying atmosphere which had invaded the whole LiU campus. We just sat in the grass with drinks, played music and danced. All choirs were gathered on different spots and a big scene had been built just outside Kårallen for them to perform. From 10.00pm, people could go in the festival area to party — but I did not go.

If you join one of LiU’s choirs, you can attend this event for free and enjoy a full week-end of music, singing and partying!

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